Our Mission


Our mission encompasses three distinct objectives:

1.  We create photographic artwork that uses the elements of nature to reflect the human condition.

2.  We connect people to nature in ways that are meaningful and relevant.

3.  We contribute to local and global conservation efforts by affecting public perception, raising awareness and garnering support for organizations that protect wildlife.


We are motivated by the heartbreaking state of affairs in wildlife and habitat management. Each day we read about the demise of wildlife and destruction of critical habitats. Social media is saturated with stories of poaching, exploitation for human entertainment, young animals being ripped away from their mothers, beautiful creatures being slaughtered so that humans can take only a small piece and many other practices that are inflicted upon wildlife, pets and domestic animals.

We are inspired by the global response to the state of affairs. Each day we read stories about organizations and individuals that take action to rescue animals from abusive situations. Blue Stone Photography is passionate about changing how humans view and treat nature and her creatures. And we are not alone. We stand with conservation organizations around the world who share our commitment, tears, heartache and hope. Together, our direct interventions and transformation of public perception are creating a synergy that is founded upon the innate interdependence of nature, wildlife and humans.

We are driven by a vision that one day soon humans will see nature as a much-needed resource for the planet's animals as well as for own personal growth and evolution. As awareness grows, we are seeing an increasing demand for change that helps us believe in the possibility.

We are grateful to be witness to the evolution of human awareness.